Jeno HUBAY, Hungarian violinist, composer




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The majority of Hubay's works have opus numbers (1-126). 
Frequently more than one composition is found under one opus number. 
The number is an approximate indication of the order of composition. 
Names of librettists are given in brackets after vocal works. Instrumentation is also given in brackets. 
In the case of violin works and songs this is given only if it differs from the usual violin-pianoforte or voice-pianoforte format. 
Following this appears the year of composition, the publisher's name and date of publication and, in the case of stage works the date of the premiere (always in Budapest).

For a detailed examination of all Hubay's works see:
Laszlo Gombos: Verzeichnis der Werke von Jeno Hubay anhand von gedruckten und handschriftlichen Quellen in Ungarn.
(In: Studia Musicologica 38/1-2 1997, pp. 65-134)
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